DragonBreath’s Kaart Condition Guide

Near Mint (NM) Condition

A card can be classified as Near Mint condition with very slight damage to the edge or corners, which is only noticeable when closely inspected. It must resemble a new mint card very closely. A small curvature is also acceptable for a Near Mint classification. All cards selled by DragonBreath post-Revised are in Near Mint condition (unless otherwise specified).  

Excellent (EX) Condition

A card can be classified as Excellent condition by having slight wear from being played with or moved around. This can be visible along the edges of the card with a small number of slight nicks or imperfections. It could have very slight denting or scuffing to the face and back of the card. No bends, creases, or marring should be visible on the card. Cards pre-Revised are Excellent or better (unless otherwise specified).

Fine (FN) Condition

A card in this condition will show some wear around the edges from play or/and may have several small dings. The edges may also have a small amount of grayness from handling and there may be some light scuffmarks present at the back of the card. The general appearance is diminished only a little from the slight wear. This is normally the lowest grade a collector will accept for his/her collection and then only until one in better condition is acquired.

Good (GD)

Good condition implies a moderate level of wear from general play and moving around. There will be a greater amount of surface wear than cards classified as Fine, and this will be quite visible, however the card is still quite presentable and not spoilt.

Poor (P) Condition

A card is in Poor condition if the card has obviously seen better days and had plenty of use without any sort of card protector or sleeve being used. There could be any number of the following signs of use on the card: multiple creases, the card is flimsy to the touch and edges are well scuffed and chewed up, some of card print may also be lighter or simply missing. Scratches and blatant creases as well are visible on the card.

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